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Business Franchise Opportunities on the Outer Banks

What is a Business Franchise?

A franchise is a way to walk into a business with everything in place for you to suceed. All of the details necessary to run a business have already been taken into consideration and systems are set up to keep things rolling. Typically, you don't even have to worry about advertising your business. The franchise should be advertising for you. You are paying for it so the advertising should be visible in your market area. Some franchises are set up as turnkey enterprises where you walk in the door and everything is running. Hopefully, smooothly.

Before you buy a franchise check to make sure the company enforces their standards on franchise holders. A consistent product from one location to another is one of the selling points of franchise type businesses. Customers will stop if they can be sure whhat it is they will be getting. Instant sucess.

One aspect of owning a franchise is you might find your self limited to only using products you have to purchase from the parent company. this can be restrciting and expensive. After all, napkins are napkins.



Here is what Wikipedia says

Franchising (from the French franchir: vt to clear an obstacle or difficulty) refers to the method of practicing and using another persons philosophy of business. The "franchisor" authorizes the proven methods and trademarks of his business to the "franchisee" for a fee and a percentage of gross monthly sales. more






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