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Food Service and Restaurants

Upscale Dining

Finer foods for a more discerning crowd.


Bar & Grill

What is the beach without a raw bar. The popularity of these down to earth seafood feasts will never go away. Even during the times of economic downturns the American public stills loads up on seafood while they are on their beach vacation.

Fast Food

The fast food franchises have pretty much maxed out the market here on the Outer Banks. However, the existing operations sometimes become available. Sign up for notifications and maybe something will come up.


North Carolina liquor control laws require establishments to carry a certain percentage of the gross receipts to be derived from food. Without the quota of food sale it is not possible to sell alcohol. The exception is for establishments that only sell beer. They are not required to meet the same food quotas as establishments which sell liquor by the drink..


Their are very few places that have central sewage on the Outer Banks. Businesses and restaurants must provide for their own waste tretment facilities. With our abundant supply of sand, the most common type of disposal system is the common septic tank and drain field system. While these systems are fairly inexpense to have installed they require a lot of square footage to accomodate the drain field which can be quite expansive. This is why most of the restaurants around here have large grassy yards.

The number of seats you can have is limited by the size of the land under the establishment. of course there are exceptions to this, such as in part of the french fry commercial alley area in Kill Devil Hills and the shopping center in Monteray Shores in Corolla. Both of these areas are on a private sewer system to which they belong. The mainconcern here is to verify the seating capacity prior to making any commitments.




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